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Breastfeeding Solution Center

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Enjoy Breastfeed Centre is a company providing high quality related products providing supportive programs for nursing mothers and helping to educate people throughout Malaysia on the benefits of breastfeeding babies as our social contribution to the country.

We share breastfeeding information with you and assist you to solve your breast milk supply and baby nursing issues according to your conditions. A breastfeeding mother should realise that every woman is different, thus there is no one solution to solve all mothers breastfeeding difficulties. Knowing your own conditions help to identify a suitable solution for yourself

We provide facilities for mothers to try the ‘tester set’ by themselves before deciding to buy. We believe that not all pumps are suitable for every mother until they finally choosing the right one by tested themselves. So, in this way, the mothers can have a pump that fits their dreams with a very affordable price.

We provide a wide range of mother care and baby-friendly products. We hope that with our products, you will find the journeys of conceiving, birthing, breastfeeding and nurturing babies more inspiring and magical.


Our Vision

To become the No.1 leading provider of breastfeeding essentials throughout Malaysia as well as developing continues support of breastfeeding awareness among mothers.

Our Mission

Enjoy Breastfeed Center is a Breastfeeding Solution Center support by healthcare professional who is qualify as Breastfeeding Counselor and supported by qualified International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC®)

A Breastfeeding Solution Center to assist mother in achieving full Breast Milk feeding to their babies for minimally 6 months or longer, by applying the knowledge of physiology, psychology and nutrition in an appropriate manner that suits the lifestyle of nursing mother.

A one stop baby shop for making parenting easier. We provided the right information for all mother and babies. By applying the knowledge of our counselor, we hope that we are able to fulfill the needs of each and every mother and babies.