Amaze Garden Coconut Baby Cot Mattress (60*120cm)

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For newborn babies, 70% of the time will be spent on bed. newborn baby’s bones are very soft, if the mattress is too soft, the baby spine will be curved and can affect infant growth and development. So hard based mattress is more conducive to bone growth.

  • Suitable for baby’s spine development.
  • This natural mattress is made with coconut fiber which has great air ventilation, and will not trap water or urine in the mattress like other foam mattress or cotton.
  • This is having anti-bacteria functions.
  • Filtering,strong, clean and hygienic.
  • Moderate hardness and good flexibility.
  • Long life lasting and no deformation.

Dimensions: 60*120cm
Weight: 6kg
Thickness: 7cm.

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