Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk + O’Kid Oatmilk *FOC Solar Bottle*

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Biogreen Pink Lady (800g) + Biogreen O’Kid Oatmilk (850g) FOC Liuli Solar Water Bottle


Biogreen Pink Lady (800g)

  • 10 Grain (Grain + Soy + Nuts): Complete Amino Acid (Protein)
  • Organic Oatmilk: Good source of calcium & soluble fibre
  • Beetroot: Help to increase blood count & regulate menstruation
  • Inulin: Enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Flax Seed Oil & Pine Nut: Body’s essential fatty acid (Omega 3, 6, 9)
  • Soy Lecithin: For healthy blood vessels & memory
  • Nutritional Yeast: Vitamin B Complex (best for vegetarian) & amino acid
  • Recommended for: People with poor digestion, anemic, skin problem & constipation
  • Natural fragrance of 10 Grain, creamy & tasty!

Biogreen O’Kid Oatmilk (850g) features

  • Simply Formula Oatmilk for kid better performance
  • Formulated for simply absorption and diet transition
  • Tastes better than milk
  • Organic Oats (Certified by NASAA)
  • Non-Dairy Alternatives to Dairy Milk>/li>

Benefits of the product :

  • Soy Lecithin – Food for brain
  • Soy Protein – Food for cells and muscles
  • Calcium – Food for strong bones
  • Oligo saccharide – Food for friendly bacteria
  • ß-Glucan – For better concentration
  • Omega 3 – Precursor for DHA

Recommend Daily Serving:
2 tablespoon (25g) with 250ml of lukewarm water, twice a day.

Always store in cool and dry place.


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