Bumble Bee Adhesive Double Drawer Lock

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Bumble Bee Adhesive Double Drawer Lock

It is designed to prevent children from opening & closing of cabinets & drawers. With a dual action locking system, it will help prevents the drawer or cupboard door to be completely close and shutting onto children’s finger. Adult can easily open the drawer by pressing down the bar.

1.)Thoroughly clean & dry surface where Adhesive Double Drawer Lock to be installed.
2.)Mark the catch position 3cm from edge of drawer/cabinet frame.
3.)Insert & engage both prongs into the catch & hold the base of the base of the prongs component firmly to the inside of the drawer and cabinet.
4.)Ensure that the prongs are horizontal & engage the center of the apertures in the catch & mark adhesive tape position.
5.)Peel off backing from adhesive tape, firmly press parts into place.
6.)Make sure adhesive tape install in the evening and leave to set overnight. If possible leave for 24 hours.

Open: Pull open drawer slightly. Squeeze prongs to disengage catch, the open.

Close: Close drawer until anti-finger trap mechanism engages the squeeze prong.

There is no substitute for proper adult supervision. This product is only a deterrent. Discontinue use when child is able to remove it. All dangerous and toxic substances, sharp-edged or pointed objects should always be kept high up and unreachable by children.

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