Farlin Adhering Ear Cleaner For Elder Child(40pcs)

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Farlin Adhering Ear Cleaner For Elder Child(40PCS)

Product Description:

Features :

  • The bigger round-tip is suitable for cleaning the dirt in older children’s ear canal.
  • Instantly s tick out the insects and foreign objects.
  • Disposability is mush hygienic.
  • The hexagonal handle makes holding firmer and safer.

To use :

  • Please open the plastic case and slightly snap one stick.Take care not no touch the adhering tip.

Cautions :

  • The ear cleaner are disposable, so please do no reuse them.
  • Do no deeply insert them into the ear canal.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Pay special attention while used for baby.
  • The effect of adhesive will be reduced by moisture; hence, keep ear canal dry.
  • Keep away from baby oil or baby powder.

Materials :

  • Stick : Acrylonitrile butadene styrene(ABS)
  • Adhesive : Ethylene vinyi acetate copolymer ( EVA )
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