Farlin Maternity Belt


It helps with proper posture and relieves stress to the body by encouraging proper body position and movements. Great for expectant moms who need to sit for long hours at workplace. Of course, it helps to relieve minor backache too.

Material:Natural rubber, 100% Dacron

Length: 43″


  • It is made of natural rubber and high-class terylene knitting extensible yarn through fitting.
  • Good elasticity, fine permeation property, long lasting without deformation.
  • Protecting the fetus from miscarriage, relieve the backache and discomfort of pregnancy.
  • Extensible fabric at surface, able to be fitted at will.


  • The maternity belt can only be an aid; should the pain persist, consult your physician.

To Clean:

  • Use a few detergent with water. Hang in dry and cool place.

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