Farlin Non-Spill Training Cup 200ml

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Widen base is firm and avoids turning over. Only one touch to spring up the straw. To fill with drinking water, juices or drinks for the baby.

Materials: Cap,Cup:Polypropylene
Air-piston: Silicone


  • Non spill when hold up-side-down, even carelessly toppled, liquid will not spill.
  • Liquid released only when sucked with mouth, no mess when use.
  • Transparent cup design for easy cleaning and safe use.
  • Cap with curved conduction designed spout for baby’s easier drinking.
  • Convenient and fun for use.

To Use:

  • Remove the lid and fill the training cup wuth drinking water, juices or drinks, then place the lid again tightly.
  • If used for warm water, please suck the liquid one time before holding the cup up-side-down, to avoid the liquid spurting out due to too high water pressure.


  • Please pour the boiled water to the training cup only after the temperature getting down(about 50Celcius), to avoid scald for baby.
  • Do not fill the training cup with carbonic acid gas drinks, to avoid the liquid spurting out due to the different hydraulic pressure when open the cap.
  • After each use specially for juices, please wash it clean for hygienic reason.
  • Keep away from fire to avoid deforming.
  • Make sure to put the air-piston on and fix well the cap before use

To Clean:

  • Wash with mild detergent and general house-ware brush.Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Do not boil or sterilize
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