Farlin Standard Anti-Colic Silicone Nipple(Step 1)(0 mths +)

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Standard Neck

Material: Silicone

Product Features:

  • Special strengthened circle design on top is more durable for cross cut.
  • The lengthened air valve on base and unique design in nipple to keep constant flow of milk, helps to prevent colic.
  • With special base, that fits well with the bottleneck, so prevents leakage and improper air-in.


  • Even though silicone is the most durable material nipples are manufactured of, all nipples can eventually crack or wear out, especially when baby is teething. Inspect the nipple before each use and if a crack, tear or puncture may appear, replace immediately.
  • Test strength of the nipple by pulling the bulb portion.

To Clean:

  • Please clean and sterilize before first time use and after each use.
  • Clean nipple with a mild detergent and hot water using a nipple brush or boil for five minutes.
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