Farlin Strethchy Nipple 2pcs(Step 2) 3mth+

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Standard Neck

Product Features:

  • Special strengthened circle design on top is more durable for cross cut.
  • The lengthened air valve on base and unique design in nipple to keep constant flow of milk, helps to prevent colic.
  • For pulpy juices, milk and water.
  • The package case can store the pacifier and smaller articles.

Material: Silicone.


  • All nipples may eventually crack or wear out. Inspect before each use, and please replace immediately once a crack, tear or puncture appears.
  • Test strength by pulling the bulb portion of teh nipple.
  • Clean and sterilize before first time use and after each use. Clean nipple with Farlin Baby Bottle Wash using a nipple brush and rinse it thoroughly.Can wash by boiling for 5 minutes.
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