Halford Basic Single Electric Breast Pump

RM169.00 RM135.00

Product Description

2 modes expression: Massage and suction
Multiple power suply modes including USB, AC adapter or 4pcs AA battery optional
Buffering lactation collection mode
Home or portable for outside usage
Single pump
2 years limited warranty (Mototr only)
BPA free
Suction power: 80-300mmHg
Adjustable levels: 9

What is included:

1 x Nipple
1 x Bottle Cap
1 x Tubing
1 x Bottle Stand
1 x Motor Unit
1 x Feeding Bottle
1 x Valve
1 x Suction Ring
1 x Suction Cylinder Cover
1 x Horn (Breast Shield)
1 x Message Cushion
1 x Nipple Anti Dust Cover



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