Halford Horigen Beatures Double Electric Laying Pump

RM499.00 RM449.10

Halford Horigen Beatures Double Electric Laying Pump

Breastfeeding should never be painful, but joyful. The new Lying Pump Kit is invented for more care and better postpartum recovery to moms, for joyful breastfeeding experience.
2 phase expression: 9 levels stimulation & 9 levels expression
2 ways power supply: by A/C adapter & AA Batteries

Touch Control Screen
Able to be used single or double pump
With special patent design of breast shield
Makes lying pumping can be done
Anti backflow system for hygiene purpose and to prevent damaged to the pump
Innovative compact design of breastshield without funnel for more efficient milk collection
The massage ring of the silicone cushion is designed to massage the breast during pumping for more effective stimulation and triggering milk ejection reflex
40 degree lying pumping
Exquisite and fashionable design looks high end and great quality
2 years warranty



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