Horigen Clature V-Cool Casual Package

Horigen Clature Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump V-Cool Casual Package is a complete set that allows mother to effectively express, travel and store breast milk up to 12 hours. The breast pump, accessories, ice packs and bottles can fit into the V-Coool Casual bag for ease of travel purpose.

This set consists of:

  • 1 x Horigen Clature Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump
  • 1 x V-Coool Casual Double Layer Breast Pump Cooler Bag
  • 4 x Bumble Bee Breast Milk Storage Bottle
  • 3 x Advanced Korean Ice Pack

This breast pump is entitled for 1 year warranty given by Amaze Care SDN BHD.

Special Features

  • Light Weight And Portable
  • Easy To Operate And Ease Of Assemble
  • Comfortable And Painless While Pumping
  • Silent Ideal For Discreet Pumping
  • Hightly Efficient In Expressing Breast Milk
  • With LCD Screen to Display Pumping State
  • Five Adjustable Suction Levels and Five Adjustable Cycles
  • Highest Suction about 270mmHg, and Highest Speed 62 Per Minute

Horigen Clature Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump Is Specially Designed By Lactation Expert. It is a breast pump suitable for nursing mothers who wish to enhance their breast milk supply. The comfortableness and suckling-pattern performance of this breast pump compare to others is much more superior.

For Safety and Health consideration, Horigen Clature Hospital Grade breast pump does not come with integrated battery supported case or rechargeable battery. For those nursing mothers who needs to operate the pump on batteries, Horigen Clature Hospital Grade Breast Pump offers external battery case that able to connect to the pump. This will avoid contamination, and protects the baby and mother.

As most of the light-weight pump comes with battery supported or rechargeable battery that incorporate into the breast pump. However, rarely those breast pump comes with Leak-Safe design, that prevent acid toxic that leaks from the batteries contact with the pump components. This may cause acid-leak-contamination which will affect the health of the baby

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