Jingle Jungle Reusable Ice Pack (3 pack)


Jingle Jungle Reusable Ice Pack is ideal for breastmilk storage – a great little helper for moms-on-the-go.


  • Safely store breastmilk for up to 12 hours when used with Jingle Jungle cooler bags or cooler bags of other labels which of reasonable quality.
  • Non toxic, safe, reusable
  • Generous and flexible size to fit around bottles and bag perfectly (it can be folded into half,
    before freezing, if necessary)
  • Ideal for use with cooler bags, cooler boxes, and more


  • Length:22.5cm
  • Width:15cm


  • Place ice pack in freezer for a minimum of 8 hours prior to use. You may fold ice pack into half if necessary,
    depending on the size of your cooler bag.
  • Place on top or on the side of items to be cooled

General Guidelines:

  • For a standard size cooler bag (which holds approximately 4 to 8 bottles),
    you will need 3 pieces of ice pack to keep 4 bottles of breastmilk cold up to 12 hours AND
    you will need 4 pieces of ice pack to keep 6 bottles of breastmilk cold up to 12 hours.
  • For a travel size cooler bag (which holds only 1 bottle), 1 piece of icepack will keep milk cold up to 8 hours
  • If you are using a large size cooler bag which holds more than 8 bottles, you may need to do some experiments before your outing trip or you may write us for advice.

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