Keaide Biddy Multi-Functional Food Maker

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Grinder-ABS/80 degrees~-10 degrees
Juicer-ABS/80 degrees~-10 degrees
Mash Cup-ABS/ 80 degrees~-10 degrees
Mesh Sift-ABS/80 degrees~-10 degrees
Cup lid/dish-PP/80 degrees~-20 degrees
Pestle-Wooden/100 degrees~-20 degrees

1.Grinder-The sturdy ABS resin material with unique edge grounding design, it crushes fruits and vegetables, removes fruit and vegetable peels and seeds in advance for fast and optimal results.
2. Juicer-It separates seeds and pulps from pure juice. It extracts a large amount of fruit juice.
3. Mash cup-Comes with a handle for easy crushing and feeding for a variety of food.
4 .Mesh sift-The plastic ring and metal meshes are sealed to prevent breakage, it is a perfect companion with the grinder, juicer and mesh cup for greater convenience.
5. Cup lid/dish-Designed to maintain food sanitation, it also serves as a dish.
6. Pestle- The wooden rod is optimal for easy crushing.
7. Baby spoon- It is ideal for blending food for cooking or feeding.

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