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Ease Your Discomfort For Breast Pain!

When you welcome the arrival of a newborn, are you also troubled by breast pain or uneven milk secretion during lactation?

Please use a cold or warm press to ease your discomfort.

It has been designed to bring your immediate and effective warming and cooling relief.

The 3-D doughnut-shaped cold/warm pack has a hole in the canter so that it does not press on the teat. It can be placed in your own nursing bra.

These thermo breast pads provide both warming and cooling therapy
Warming therapy helps stimulate milk production
Cooling relief soothes tender breasts
Soft, flexible pads, with extra soft sleeves conform to breast and can be worn under bra
Cold use to soothe sore or engorged breasts; Keep in fridge or freezer; Always use with sleeves
Soothe and stimulate

Cold use – to sooth sore or engorged breasts
Warm use – to stimulate milk flow before breast feed

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