Medela – Special Needs Feeder (Haberman Feeder)

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Haberman Feeder

  • Recommended by nurses for babies with severe feeding problems, such as cleft lip/ polate babies
  • Flow rate can easily be adjusted to the needs of the baby
  • Even the weakest feeding efforts of the baby are rewarded

The Haberman Feeder is a specialized feeder designed for babies with cleft lip/palate
and other special feeding problems. It can also be helpful with colic.
This type of feeder rewards babies who have even the weakest feeding effort.
The one-way valve prevents flooding and overwhelming the baby.

Special design features make the Haberman Feeder uniquely responsive to the baby’s
nursing efforts. The slit-valve in the teat regulates milk flow from zero to maximum,
depending on its orientation in the baby’s mouth. As milk is drawn out of the teat
by even the slightest action of the baby’s tongue and gums, air enters the bottle
at the same rate through an inlet groove in the disc. Consequently, there is no
turbulence. Milk flows in only one direction – into the reservoir behind the teat.
The reservoir always remains full, and none of the baby’s effort is wasted.
If the baby cannot nurse at all, or needs a little help, the caregiver can
squeeze and release a limited amount of milk (about 1/4 teaspoon) from the
reservoir into the baby’s mouth.

The Haberman Feeder never floods. Enlarging the hole of an ordinary
nipple does not solve your feeding problems. Your baby cannot stop the flow
of feed in order to relax and breathe. Panic and choking soon result.
The Haberman Feeder has a slit-valve in the mouthpiece which opens only
when your baby sucks. Your baby has complete control and is never overwhelmed.
It also has the advantage of variable flow. Graduation from a large opening,
down to a shut position, can be achieved to suit the individual needs of your baby.
Whichever opening you select, it will always shut between sucks.

The Haberman Feeder may reduce gas, vomiting, and colic.
Many babies swallow air while using some ordinary feeders. This is
because a vacuum builds up inside the system and the baby must release his
lips from the teat to allow air back in. Consequently, air is
swallowed with the next mouthful of feed causing gas, vomiting
and colic. The Haberman Feeder may reduce air-swallowing.
It has a special air inlet groove which allows air in at the same
rate as feed is released from the system. There is no vacuum to work
against your baby’s sucking efforts and air-swallowing is avoided.

Box contains:

  • collection container (150ml);
  • teat; collar; disc; white membrane;
  • Instructions.
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