Puku 5-in-1 Tableware Set

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Puku 5-in-1 Tableware Set

1. All in one and needless to prepare other tableware.
2. Microwave-safe, sterilize-able, unbreakable and free from deformation.
3. Light-weight, easy to grasp, help baby learning to hold.

Polypropylene, 120c
Heat resistance up to 120C.

How To Clean:
1.Wash it thoroughly before and after each use.
2.Keep in a dry, covered container.
3.Wash thoroughly with soft sponge and mild detergent before use.
4.This product can be steam and boil sterilized.

1.Wash thoroughly before/after each use.
2.Keep away from fire and other sources of ignition.
3.Baby should use this product under adult’s supervision.
4.Do not use bristle brush or abrasive powder which may scrape the surface.

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