Puku Crystal Glass Feeding Bottle 120cc

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Puku Crystal Glass Feeding bottle is made of heat resistant glass which will not release any material that harm baby when contact with either acid or alkaline material.

  • Glass bottle can be heated up to 120 degree celcius
  • No connection gap, therefore eliminate problem if milk stucking between the connection gap in the bottle, and it is easy to clean
  • Easy to carry
  • Bottle cap is added Japan ZEOMIC formula that protect baby from bacteria. This formula is heat resistance and able to save to be used without any effect on human body. It has been approved by FDA, EPA, US NSF etc.


  • Glass bottle (120 degree celcius)
  • Silicone Teat (150 degree celcius)
  • PP Bottle cap (100 degree celcius)
  • PP Bottle neck (100 degree celcius)

Important notes:

  1. Teat will be hardern after 3-4 months of usage, please change.
  2. Wash immediately after each feeding
  3. Avoid dropping bottle

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