Puku Milk Powder Container 180ml (BIG)


Milk formula can be placed inside a single cell to facilitate the use of going out.

Made from high grade material meet with FDA standards, convenient, specially for outing, can prevent milk powder from spreading out feeding the bottle.


  • Bottle – Plastic (P.P), temperature 90 degrees C.
  • Cover – Plastic (P.C), temperature 90 degrees C.
  • Lid – plastic (P.P), temperature 90 degrees C.
  • Capacity – Single-cell volume of 180cc.

How to use

  • Hold pre-measured amounts of powdered formula or baby cereal with four compartments, just turn the spout-lid to the compartment, open the spout, and pour into a bottle or bowl and add water.
  • Use each compartment for a different food, like cereal or snacks.

Safety precautions

  1. Wash thoroughly before/after each use.
  2. avoid exposed on the sunshine.
  3. Do not use steaming sterilizer or put it into boiling water.
  4. Avoid dropping the product into the floor.

Note: enjoy breastfeed only support breastfeeding, this product can be used when you need to bring oat milk for traveling after 2 years old.

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