Puku Thick Glass Crystal Diamond Bottle 2oz

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Blue penguin to the High heat-resistant glass bottle,
Case of acid or alkaline substances will not release harmful substances.
Cross holes enclosing the nipple.


  • Bottle – heat-resistant glass (GLASS), Temperature up to 600 degrees C.
  • Nipple – silica gel (SILICONE), Temperature 150 degrees C.
  • Ring cover / cover – Plastic (P.P), Temperature 90 degrees C.

Note: Fragile Glass Do not allow children alone ‧
Do not allow infants get their own Do not drop, impact, tossing.
(Disinfection shall be made by gradual temperature heat sterilization.)

Four steps to safety

Fragile glass

  1. Glass bottle case of thermal expansion and contraction, cracking of the normal characteristics of the glass material.
  2. The quality of heavy glass bottle and slippery hands, do not let children use separate hand.

Security check

  1. To light before use, visual inspection of the cracks is unknown whether there is any.
  2. 2 glass bottle tapping each other, should be sent loud and crisp sound.

Sterilized bottle

  1. Boiled sterilized bottle rack should be placed within the cold water heat sterilized before implantation.
  2. Using steam or ultraviolet disinfection, sterilization can be requested in accordance with normal procedures.

Security brewing

  1. Milk transfer device using the constant temperature 50 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, for the most secure way of brewing.
  2. Thermostat when first poured into the “room temperature water”, and then slowly adding hot water heating brewing.


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