Super Hero Flying Minion

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Super Hero Flying Minion

To manage the minion is very simple! You need to choose one of не6скольких flight modes – the first mode, the height is determined automatically, but not more than a meter, and in the second mode, you use the remote control to select the desired height.
Charging from the USB port you got about 20 minutes of use once the toy runs out of power it should be put on the floor for hours, charge it again and all ready to fly.
Game with a flying minion is a very exciting time, and unlike the machines on the radio and other similar toys, makes your baby to actively move thereby to develop the musculoskeletal system. Also during the game your child trains and develops attentiveness and reaction movements. Think how many wonderful adventures are in store for your child with a new flying friend.
Take a toy with him to the Playground or countryside and see how you and your child will get a lot of positive aspects of playing together. Perhaps even to your game, you’ll join friends and it will be the highlight of the evening.
Order and buy the flying minion is very simple, you can make a purchase without leaving your home, all you need is a computer, Internet and our online store. Simply place your order and expect you will contact our Manager to confirm, and then during the day we ship the toy to you.
Made of: anti-shock plastic material.
Dimensions: six inches.
How much working up to twenty minutes.
Charged: thirty minutes.
Remote control: three AA batteries (supplied).

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