US Baby Back & Phlegm Patter

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Color: Transparent

Packing: One Unit


Japan food-grade liquid silicone, heat resistance up to 120 DegC.


  • After breastfeeding for the baby, use to burping baby.
  • Special hollow sphere shape, comply to ergonomic design, create air vibration when patting on baby’s back gently, accelerate baby to burp.
  • Food-grade liquid silicone, good elasticity, easy to use, even by force, comfortable.


  • Patting the back
  • After breastfeeding, hold the handle and lightly patting on baby’s back.
  • Do not hit on baby’s face to avoid accident.
  • Patting phlegm
  • Relax the body when patting phlegm, standing or lying down is ok.
  • Do not beat on spinal, sternum or abdomen.
  • Do not beat 1 hour before and after meal.
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