Vegetable Baby Dish Set (8 pieces) (TOXIC FREE & Biodegrable)

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Where to find products with safe food materials for your baby?

  • This product is biopolymer that Mixes 12 eco-friendly materials with PLA (Polylactide, corn starch).
  • Not including synthetic resin (PC, ABS, etc)
  • 100% naturally biodegradable
  • No harmful materials (dioxin) and other pollutants


  • Divided dish has wide edges, so good for keeping food, and it makes fewer spills.
  • Rounded shapes are safe for baby, and both sides of wide handles are easy to carry it.
  • Non slip silicon keeps a dish from slipping all over the place.
  • Size is right for babies and easy to grasp sides.
  • Free of Endocrine disruptor : Bisphenol A, DEHP, DIDP,DNOP,DBP and etc.
  • Vegetable baby tableware is made from corn so they have an excellent sterilization effect even without cleaning in sterilizer

Main Ingredient: EcolGreen PLA(PolyLacticAcid)

  • Vegetable Baby is made from biodegradable raw material “EcolGreen PLA”.
  • EcolGreen PLA is mainly made from corn starch (PLA- Natureworks®).
  • Ecol-Green PLA is certified with the ECO-LABEL stamp, certifying it as both an ” eco-friendly plastic resin material and eco-friendly injection molding resin.
  • It doesn’t have any toxins such as dioxin, soot and, even any pollution from composting. (0% of Bisphenol A, DEHP, DIDP, DNOP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DEHA, DPrP, DPP, DHxP, DCHP, DEP)
  • Likewise it composts 100% through natural biological processes . (But it does not effect product life unless it is buried under ground)
  • conditions : moisture 90%, temperature 60℃ and with other soil microbe.
  • Therefore Vegetable Baby is truly eco-friendly products in the world.
  • These days Endocrine disruptor is a very hot issue, and so is global warming.

Enjoy Breastfeed Enterprise is the Vegetable Baby dealer for all Klang area and all West Malaysia online stores. If you are interested to carry Vegetable Baby items or to know more about these products, please contact UV 017-6960691

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